Stay safe

Going home with a stranger has risks. Make sure a friend knows where you're going, who you're going with and when you'll be back – and don't invite strangers back to yours. Otherwise you could find your phone missing in the morning – or worse.

Be honest

Lying to get someone into bed is unfair and can lead to trouble. Whether it's a reputation or a teary ex, bad things come from lying to get sex.

Choose carefully

If you know someone, you're more likely to have mutual trust, affection and respect – and that makes for better sex. Don't pick someone who's in love with you for casual sex though – that's unfair on them.

Respect your lover

Casual sex is about both people having fun so make sure they get as much out of it as you do.

Respect yourself

Only have casual sex if you can do so while maintaining a healthy sense of self esteem. Healthy sex doesn't make you feel bad afterwards: if you do, think about whether the sex you are having is right for you.