Ever wondered what your partner is feeling while you’re having sex? Well, now you can find out with the innovative ‘Get in the Mood’ colour-changing condom range from Durex. You may have seen pink Durex condoms and purple Durex condoms before, but you’ve never seen a range that actually changes colours to reveal your partner’s true emotions.

With this new technically advanced range, available in Durex Regular and Durex Large condom sizes, you’ll be able to tell at a glance if your partner is just up for a quickie or in the mood for an all-out all-nighter.

Get in the mood condoms

To show whether your partner is feeling love, passion or pure lust, these condoms will change colour depending on their body temperature, a tell-tale sign of their true emotions during sex. White shows you’re feeling calm and relaxed, but a light pink shade suggests you’re feeling passionate and really into it.

And if you fancy an early warning signal just before your partner orgasms, the Get in the Mood condoms will actually change colour just before they do.

A colour chart of emotions

Of course, there are many different moods and emotions linked to sexual activity. Below is a list of the colours you may see and what they mean:

  • Bright pink – nervous
  • White – relaxed
  • Yellow – pure lust
  • Light pink – passionate
  • Blue – in love

The pack comes with a handy colour chart that will let you know what each colour indicates. Use the Get in the Mood range, the best Durex condoms ever, and you’ll finally know exactly what your partner’s feeling while you’re having sex.

Add a little fun to the bedroom

If only! Of course, this new imaginary condom range is all just a bit of fun. As much as we think it’s important to talk about your feelings with your partners, do you really think any Durex condom types could ever reveal your partner’s true emotions?

Happy April Fool’s Day!