Excessive wetness / orgasm

Some women feel that they come too easily and/or get too wet during foreplay or sex, which can lead to lack of friction and sexual pleasure. Nipping to the loo to dry off can help, though do leave some of your natural lubricant in place if you're planning on having sex as it's there to ease the way. Doing kegel exercises will help tone up your muscles so that you can tighten them up during sex, which should help you both feel more.

Clitoral sensitivity

Some women find their clitoris is too sensitive to be touched (and most women will have some clitoral sensitivity after orgasm). However, using rear entry positions such as doggy style and opting for indirect clitoral stimulation by cupping the pubic mound, or licking the labia but not the clit can help avoid this painful issue. Do remember that pain is your body's warning signal, so if it's on-going, see a doctor and get checked out. Better safe than sorry.