First things first, this isn’t an article about all the adventurous sex positions you can try. It’s not that we don’t love to try new things but sometimes it’s good to get back to basics, especially when you’re trying to break down barriers. If you’ve just got together and are struggling to let go in the bedroom or have been together a while and can feel a distance growing, here are five 5 ways to boost intimacy in bed.

Pillow talk

Talking about your emotions in bed might seem like a bit of a passion killer but believe it or not, pillow talk can actually help to spice up your sex life.

Communication is key to good sex and a post-sex chat and cuddle under the sheets is a great way to open up to each other, strengthening your connection.

Talking in bed helps to create a relaxed vibe and it’s a great opportunity to discuss your likes and dislikes, in and out of the bedroom. Increased intimacy and understanding always leads to better sex as you feel more comfortable with each other.

Try something new

You can always learn something different together, plan out new activities and do something you have never done before in bed. Trying something new and unexpected can always help to spice things up and keep your relationship interesting.

Touch more

Hugging, holding hands and cuddling creates intimacy between couples because it makes us feel good. Whilst it does help aid in creating physical intimacy, more touching often create more sexual satisfaction for enhancing pleasure and is a fantastic addition to the bedroom for all couples.

Master the art of flirting

Flirting works best in helping you to stay connected and livening things up – send fun texts throughout the day, dress to impress, give your partner sassy, cheeky wink and smile before going to bed or simply whisper in your partner’s ear what you want to do to them can do wonders.